Wednesday, August 14, 2013

+grasp+ Image picture contest

+grasp+ Image Picture Contest

We are happy to announce that we have "+grasp Image Picture Contest" as an event for the 4th anniversary.

6 lucky winners will be selected and

*Their image picture will be featured in the  main store.

*Can get their favorite grasp item for 3000L$.

*Can get the fat pack of the new release item from +grasp+ during half a year!


*Make your original picture which imagined +grasp+ brand.

*Must be wearing at least one +grasp+ item or more.

*You can edit picture by photo shop or other photo editor.

*You can not use letters on the picture.

*Picture should be 1024×1024 pixels or 512×1024 pixels in size.
*You should be a group member or residents who purchased grasp item on or after 1st July 2013.

*You can send a maximum of 3 pictures by one avatar.

Please do not forget to change the title of the picture to your name and set all permission free and send to Neil Menges, our manager.

The contest closes 25th August 2013
Winners will be announced on 30th August 2013


+grasp+ Image Picture Contest

4周年を記念して+grasp+ Image Picture contestを開催致します

Winner (6人)

・画像サイズは1024 x 1024ピクセル又は、512×1024ピクセルで作成してください

画像の名前を必ず応募者の名前に変えてフルパーミッションでNeil Menges まで送ってください。

応募締め切り 2013年8月25日
発表 2013年8月30日